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Summer Tour 2022 Day 10: Salzburg to Passau

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Our longest day so far at 118 km proved to be a thrilling ride, with a stronger pace despite the 800 m of climbing by. It was a beautiful landscape the entire way, and seeing Passau in the distance just before the last descent is right out of a movie.

We had some worries about the stage. 118 km is a long ride, and we learned just a day before a heatwave was due in Germany. Not a great combination. So, we set out on the ride with good spirits, but with some ideas about what to expect – then within 500 m my Wahoo decided to flake out and not connect, so we had 30 mins of doing tech nonsense before we got going.

The ride was hard, but not as brutal as we expected. Christine arrived in good shape. I arrived as an empty husk, with no energy left for even another 200 m. Totally spent.

We enjoyed the river route, seeing Germany along the far bank, since our day was entirely in Austria until the very end.

As for the tour, for most people, it’s a tough call. The distance is too long for casual riders, or for e-bikes. A stop-over in Braunau am Inn would be a good idea.

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