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Summer Tour 2022 Day 12: Deggendorf to Regensburg

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Sometimes a tour day is just weird, or a bit crazy, and that’s what we got today. The day had two long detours from the Donauradweg, the cycle path we are taking these few days. We were routed far away from the river into lonely farms and forests villages. It added about 15 km to our tour, pushing our ride to 97 km.

We got hungry and stopped in a tiny village for a bite and some drinks, but surprisingly found ourselves in a Michelin-starred restaurant, disguised as a cow barn. I’m still wondering what the heck that was. Luckily, we found a pizzeria a short while later.

After more gravel (not the fun sporty kind, but the temporary truck road kind) we came across a bike accident. A very nice couple on tour got crossed up and crashed into each other. The woman had some light injuries that Christine checked, but all was fine after a while. We hope they can continue their tour!

Arriving in Regensburg was perfectly timed. Christine had an empty gas tank, and our hotel was in the Spitalhof Biergarten just when we were ready for dinner. All in all, the day was a weird one, and also memorable and enjoyable.

If you come to Regensburg by bike, stop at Spitalhof on the north island, it’s beautiful here.

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