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Summer Tour 2022 Day 9: Bischofshofen to Salzburg

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We left the Alps behind today when riding through Lueg Pass, high above the Salzach River, on our way to Salzburg. The ride was varied today, with some highway sections and then through farms and lastly a straight forested gravel path into the city.

Riding through a mountain pass, even one that’s not so high in elevation, is always a bit thrilling. The clouds come closer and the cold air washes over you. The descent is exciting. Alas, there are no more passes in our tour, so a steep farm road will have to fulfill our thrill-seeking descents.

Today, there were many southbound cyclists on long-distance tours, with heavy loads that had us in disbelief. Some years ago we rode through the Eiffel in Germany, then into Belgium, and the Netherlands, with touring bikes packed with panniers, full of camping gear, but never to the extent that we have seen this week. I can’t imagine what is packed on those bikes.

Our tour takes a different shape now. After the ride from Salzburg to Passau in a few days, we will be retracing the Donauradweg in the opposite direction, eventually riding into the Altmühltal.

Until then, we have a day off to enjoy Salzburg – on foot!

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